Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Care.fit Terms”) shall be applicable to all [Medical Services] provided by Healthface Private Limited (“Carefit” or “Us” or “Our” or “We”) and availed by users (“You” or “Your” or “User”) of the [Platform]. 


Please read the Care.fit Terms and [Care.fit Privacy Policy] carefully before availing Medical Services or accessing or using the Platform. Your use of the Platform and the Medical Services shall signify Your irrevocable acceptance of the Care.fit Terms and the [Care.fit Privacy Policy]. For avoidance of doubt, You shall be required to signify your acceptance to the Care.fit Terms, [Terms of Use] and [Care.fit Privacy Policy] by clicking on the “I Accept” button provided on the Platform at the time of creation of an account on the Platform and You shall be legally bound by the same..  


1. Information on the Platform

  • Please note that any and all information, material or details available on the Platform (except such information sought from a registered medical practitioner) is not a substitute for medical care or advice and the none of this information should be used for the purpose of self-diagnosis or treatment. Please seek and rely on medical advice sought from a registered medical practitioner. 


  • The details of the registered medical practitioners of Care.fit available on the Platform is not a recommendation or endorsement by Care.fit regarding the qualifications or the services provided by such practitioners and appointments booked by You to avail the Medical Services has been made by You voluntarily, at Your option.   

2. Relationship between You and Care.fit


No doctor-patient relationship is created between You and Care.fit or You and any registered medical practitioner engaged or appointed by Us, merely by booking an appointment or a health package with Care.fit as part of the Medical Services. Such relationship is established only when information pertaining to Your health and other medical records (“Medical Records”) are disclosed by You to the registered medical practitioners engaged or appointed by Care.fit during a consultation session. 


3. Consent


You hereby provide Your consent to Care.fit to share the Medical Records which includes the details recorded by the registered medical practitioners in the course of the consultations and reports generated by Care.fit, its registered medical practitioners and third parties engaged by Us on the basis of such medical and sensitive information, with Diverse Retail Private Limited to enable it to upload the same on the Platform. Additionally, You acknowledge that nurses, paramedical staff, diagnostic service providers, other persons employed or engaged by Care.fit for providing You services may also have access to the Medical Records and accordingly provide Your consent to share the Medical Records with such persons. All Medical Records shall be stored, used and disclosed only in the manner stipulated under the [Care.fit Privacy Policy]. You can choose to [withdraw Your consent] in the manner provided under the [Care.fit Privacy Policy]. 


4. Secondary users


The Platform allows You to create a sub-account for family members and friends (“Secondary User”) also. The information and details regarding the Secondary User including their personal and sensitive information (such as name, age, date of birth, contact number, email address) and appointments on their behalf for Medical Services offered by Care.fit can be maintained by You on the account provided that You have been duly authorised by such Secondary User in this regard. For avoidance of doubt, You hereby unequivocally and unconditionally confirm that (i) the personal information added by You on the account in relation to each Secondary User has been added pursuant to the consent obtained by You from such Secondary User, or in case of persons who do not have the capacity contract under law, in Your capacity as the parent or legal guardian of such Secondary User, and (ii) the Secondary User has consented to You receiving the Reports in relation to such Secondary User, and to Care.fit storing, possessing, sharing, using and accessing such information and Reports as per the terms hereof. Once You provide the contact number of the Secondary User, the Secondary User will receive a notification/SMS from Us. 


5. Medical Services


The term "Medical Services" shall mean and include the services offered by Care.fit to You which includes:


  • Appointments: Care.fit shall allow You to book an appointment with its registered medical practitioners through the Platform. You may also cancel or reschedule Your appointments as per Clause 5 below. Appointments booked on the Platform for physical consultations or tele-consultation with Care.fit's registered medical practitioners are subject to the availability of such medical practitioners. The details of the registered medical practitioners of Care.fit available on the Platform is not a guarantee of their services. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any appointment at any time. We shall use best efforts to intimate You in advance of such rescheduling or cancellation. However, We shall not be responsible in any manner for any inconvenience or loss caused to You as a result of such rescheduling or cancellation. 


  • Tele-consultation: All tele-consultation services are provided only by registered medical practitioners based on the Medical Records provided by You and any errors in the Medical Records or lack of information may lead to inaccurate or incomplete medical advice. The Medical Records shared by You with such practitioners shall be subject to the [Care.fit Privacy Policy]. Please note that Care.fit and/or the registered medical practitioners do not record, save or download a copy of the consultation. However, Care.fit and its registered medical practitioners, employees, agents and consultants shall not be responsible for any loss, cost, expenses, inconvenience or suits caused, suffered or instituted against You as a result of such tele-consultation services, in any manner whatsoever. It is recommended that medical advice be sought through physical consultation with the concerned medical practitioner. If You choose to proceed to take medical consultation through tele-consultation then You do so at Your own risk.

    Further, please note that You may use the tele-consultation services even if You do not reside in India, however, it is recommended that the medical advice provided to You by Our registered medical practitioners be validated by practitioners in the country of Your residence. There may also be instances when tele-consultations should be followed-up with physical consultations and/or diagnostic tests. Accordingly, You are advised to consider these factors while opting for the tele-consultation.   


  • Diagnostic services: Care.fit shall allow You to avail diagnostic services by booking appointments on the Platform and shall on a best efforts basis ensure that the reports in respect of such diagnostic services are provided to you within the time period specified at the time of booking the appointment. The reports shall be made available to You on the Platform and can also be collected at Our clinic. Please note that We will not handover the report to any third person, including family members, without Your consent. However, we may disclose information or provide reports to family members if required under applicable laws.  


  • Medical Advice. We provide the following medical offerings:

    Physical consultations
    Minor treatments and day care surgeries
    Diagnostic services

    Please note that We provide the above services through Our clinics located at [HSR Layout]. To ensure that We provide premium service to You, We may sometimes tie-up with other third party hospitals and clinics for their expertise. You hereby consent to Us sharing Your Medical Records with such third party hospitals or clinics, nursing homes or similar institutions without requiring any further action. Please note that We shall not be responsible for any pilferage of information or illegal dissemination of Your Medical Records by such third party. If requested, We will provide You with the details of the third party with whom We have shared Your Medical Records if You send an email to [hello@curefit.com].

    Please note that appointments for physical consultations and tele-consultations may not be advisable in cases of emergency or critical conditions since We cannot guarantee appointments. We shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused to You as a result of delay in medical evaluation or treatment. 


6. Cancellation/rescheduling of appointments


  • You may cancel the appointments for the Medical Services prior to [0] hours from the appointment. You shall not be entitled to any refunds if appointments are cancelled after the period specified above.


  • You may reschedule the appointments for the Medical Services prior to [0] hours from the appointment, subject to availability of a time slot/registered medical practitioner of appointment. 


7. Refunds


[All payments in respect of the Medical Services shall be collected in advance on the Platform. In case of any cancellation either by You (subject to the terms specified above) or Care.fit, the amounts paid in respect of such Services shall be refunded within [2] days from the date of such cancellation. ]


8. Limitation of liability


Care.fit shall provide all Medical Services and shall ensure that all Medical Services are provided, professionally and in compliance with applicable law. If despite such care and due diligence the reports generated by Care.fit or any part thereof is found to be incorrect or incomplete, the total liability of Care.fit shall be limited to carrying out a retest of the sample provided or carrying out another test using such method which can provide reasonably error free results, free of cost. The selection of the alternative test shall be made by Care.fit at its sole discretion.


You hereby acknowledge that under no circumstances shall Care.fit or its employees, consultants, agents or officers be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages that result in any way from Your use of or inability to use the Medical Services or to access the Medical Records.


You further agree and confirm that Care.fit shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any delay in performance or failure to meet its obligations under this Care.fit Terms which may be:


  • caused, directly or indirectly, due to:

    • Your failure to cooperate; 

    • Your unavailability and/or unresponsiveness; 

    • Unavailability of registered medical practitioners; 

    • Your failure to provide accurate and complete Medical Records; or 

    • Your failure to provide or facilitate the submission of, Medical Records or samples in a proper and timely manner.


  • any event beyond Care.fit's reasonable control including, but not limited to, due to any force majeure event.


9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Care.fit Terms shall be governed by the laws of India. In the event of any dispute between the Parties in relation to these Terms, the courts in Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to hello@curefit.com